4 products to try from Lush Cosmetics (that aren’t bath bombs or bubble bars)

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Being a beauty blogger and a Lush Cosmetics lover pretty much go hand in hand; it seems most of us just can’t resist their wonderful smells, natural ingredients and more quirky take on skincare and bath products (case in point: Fun and the Shower Jellies).

Although I’m late to the party, discovering the wonderful world of Lush this year has meant I’ve tried a lot of their products in a bid to catch-up- and boy, let me tell you, I’ve discovered a lot of firm favourites in that time. So if you’re also new to Lush and find yourself wondering what products to start with, here are my top 4…

First up we have Ultrabland, which is probably one of Lush’s most popular and well-known products. It’s a thick cleanser which is based on cold cream and contains simple, gentle ingredients such as beeswax and almond oil. Unsurprisingly, this has a waxy texture and feels quite greasy on the skin, but it does an excellent job of removing make-up when teamed with a warm flannel so I’m willing to let that slide; just make sure you get very last bit off before following up with a second cleanse!

Another popular product is the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, which is a Christmas exclusive. Now, although I do love this, it isn’t my favourite from the range- I just love Lush’s shower gels and shower creams in general. They lather well, last for much longer than expected (even the small size), and leave a lovely lingering scent.

While we’re on the subject of bath and body products, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is just wonderful. It has the Rose Jam scent (which is my favourite) and is so easy to use; you slap in on in the shower, rinse it off, and you’re left with moisturised, rosy smelling skin. Glorious.

As someone with a lot of fine hair, I love using dry shampoo to inject a little bit of volume into my mop. However, I find that most of the sprays leave my hair sticky and hard to get a brush through (is anyone else cursed with permanently knotty hair)? The reason I like No Drought is that it’s quite a fine powder (so it’s easy to brush out), but it still gives my hair a good ol’ refresh. The lime scent doesn’t hurt either…

What are your favourite Lush products? Chuck me some recommendations!


16 thoughts on “4 products to try from Lush Cosmetics (that aren’t bath bombs or bubble bars)

  1. Loved this post! I’m completely new to lush, so hearing about a variety of their products! I really need to try Rose Jam… sounds delicious 🙂 I’ve also heard amazing things about their bubblegum lip scrub. Have you tried any of their shampoo bars?



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  3. Interesting post, I love the scent of Ro’s Argan, and just recently got a pot – I didn’t know Ultrabland was so popular? & of course Snow Fairy is just huge. I have never heard of or used the No Drought dry shampoo, does this get rid of greasy oily hair? How effective is it, let me know! X


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